At some point, we all have to face the ugly truth. "Uh-oh, my gas tank is almost empty. Who has gas under $6 a gallon?!?"

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It actually causes physical pain to fill up your tank these days. Thankfully, there are some websites that can help us fill up without breaking the bank. Using GasBuddy, we've been able to find the lowest prices in the state of Texas. Well, they may not seem low, but remember, every cent counts when you're filling up!

(These prices are accurate as of May 13th, 2022)

In Killeen, Quiktrip on S Clear Creek Rd has gas available at $3.97, as well as Walmart Neighborhood Market on Clear Creek Road.

If you're in Temple, Shell on South General Bruce Drive is the big saver currently, with the price per gallon sitting at $3.91. The next cheapest is Sunoco on West Adams Avenue, where you can find unleaded for $3.96 per gallon.

In Harker Heights, 3 different stores all have a price at just below $4 per gallon. You'll find gas for $3.98 at Murphy USA on Heights Drive, H-E-B on Indian Trail, and Walmart on Knight's Way.

Belton has the lowest price as of right now at 7-Eleven, with $3.89 per gallon for unleaded! You can fill up at the second cheapest spot in the area for $3.92 per gallon at the Valero on East Central Avenue. Another Valero on North Main Street is selling unleaded gas at $3.94 per gallon.

Hopefully, you can manage to fill up before prices rise again. Good luck, and remember to check Gasbuddy before you start up your engine!

This $170M Texas Ranch With 65,000 Acres Is a Dog Lover’s Dream Home

Mesa Vista, the 65,000-acre Panhandle ranch, which belonged to oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens until his death three years ago, has been up for sale since 2017. The list of mind-blowing amenities is long, but for the price it's quite a deal!

The property includes its own golf course, a chapel with a memory garden, an airport with a private apartment for the pilot, and a 40-unit kennel, complete with a bronze dog sculpture in front of the building. Pickens, who was an avid hunter and dog lover, told Land Report in 2015Back when I couldn’t afford one bird dog, I had two. When I couldn’t afford two, I had three.”

Let's take a look around this incredible piece of property, which was recently reduced from $250 to $170 million, and see what kind of luxuries you and your furry friends could enjoy!

Texas in Top 10 Best States to Work from Home in America

How many people do you know that work from home? Since the pandemic, the number of employers with remote jobs has risen steadily.

WalletHub used 12 factors to compare 50 states and the District of Columbia, including the percentage of people working from home, internet cost, cybersecurity, plus size and population concentration of homes in the state.

Let's take a look at the states that are the best for remote work, and where Texas sits on the list nationwide.

Let's Check Out This Ranch on The Market in Bryan, Texas

This would be the perfect ranch house...if I had the money!

Top 20 Restaurants Central Texans Wish Would Come to Temple

A while back, I asked the good people of Temple if they could picture a good restaurant to fill the lot on North General Bruce Drive where the soon to be torn down Long John Silver's stood.

This was before it was announced that a Dutch Bros. Coffee location would open there (which was one of the places I predicted as a contender in our article).

So now Dutch Bros. is open in that spot, but the responses to my survey were interesting because they paint a picture of just how diverse Temple's population is. People recommended some familiar restaurants with locations in the surrounding area, but also a few I'd never even heard of.

Here are the top 20 results of the survey. Let's see what the good people of Temple are craving!

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