The Chemical Safety Board has conducted an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the West Fertilizer Plant and is now recommending new regulations to prevent future tragedies.

The CSB released a video Tuesday expressing concerns about the way ammonium nitrate is stored. In the case of West, they say, a sprinkler system may have reduced the intensity of the fire, possibly allowing firefighters to extinguish the flames before they could ignite the ammonium nitrate containers. The current patchwork of U.S. standards, they say, does not require a sprinkler system, nor does it prohibit the use of wooden storage bins and buildings. According to CSB officials, the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Association have failed to heed advice and warnings from the CSB about the potential for accidents like that which devastated West.

The video published to YouTube by the CSB features footage of the destruction in West, as well as clips of Congressional hearings about the explosion and examples of other blasts throughout the 2000s that might have been prevented had stricter safety regulations been in place. Readers may see that video below.