Texas Governor Rick Perry is demanding an apology from California newspaper Sacramento Bee after the newspaper ran an editorial cartoon about the West plant explosion on the day of the West memorial.

"The Sacramento Bee published a disgusting 'cartoon' mocking the deadly explosion in West. While I will always welcome healthy policy debate, I won't stand for someone mocking the tragic deaths of my fellow Texans and our fellow Americans. I have written the editor and asked that they apologize to the citizens of West," Perry posted on his official Facebook page.

The cartoon seems to link Perry's push for less regulations to the recent fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14.

Sacramento Bee editorial page editor Stuart Leavenworth responded to Perry, "Jack Ohman's cartoon of April 25 made a strong statement about Gov. Rick Perry's disregard for worker safety, and his attempts to market Texas as a place where industries can thrive with few regulations. It is unfortunate that Gov. Perry, and some on the blogosphere, have attempted to interpret the cartoon as being disrespectful of the victims of this tragedy."

Take a look at the editorial cartoon and tell us what you think.