Ah, man. Is nothing sacred?

Not to meth cooks, apparently.

Rissa Shaw with our partners at News 10 reports that a meth lab was busted in the  10000 block of Iris Lane in China Spring Thursday night.

Police had stopped by the home where the lab was found around 3 PM that day to investigate a reported assault. When they walked in, they spotted "a crystallized substance and cash in plain view".

They obtained a search warrant and returned to the house that evening. That's when they found a meth production lab, which police say contained a massive amount of meth and $40,000.

Rissa Shaw, KWTX
Rissa Shaw, KWTX

DEA agents are dismantling that lab now. I'm just glad to hear it didn't blow up.

Anyway, an undercover officer told Shaw the meth was initially taken to the lab in liquid form, and that it was being transported in Christmas ornaments.

That's...man, that's just scummy.

It appears the lab was for converting the meth it into crystal form.

Shaw reported Thursday night that police had a suspect, but that person was not currently in custody. They didn't release a name.

Christmas ornaments. Ugh. That's methed up.

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