I was mesmerized.  I watched the whole video.  When it was done I wanted to watch more video just like it.  Seeing what firefighters go through to battle an ordinary home fire truly shows the heroic, often overlooked job they perform.

My dad was a cop.  My uncle and cousins are cops.  My grandfather was a cop.  I don't know where I went wrong, but I'm not a cop.  I love messing with my family with the question, "What do cops & firefighters have in common?".  The answer, of course, is, "They both grew up wanting to be firefighters".

Cops may face imminent danger on every traffic stop and every domestic violence call they answer, but firefighters also face an unpredictable, unforgiving deadly force.  Fire, like anything else mother nature has to thrown our way, is its own force.  We can battle and fight it all day, but there's always a chance mother nature wins a battle and takes a hero's life.

This incredible video footage takes you into the world of firefighting with a first-person view of the danger.


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