Chris Janson worked that harmonica like nobody's business during his afternoon set on the last day of Country Jam.

"Who's ready to see this 135-pound white male play harmonica like Jerry Lee Lewis played 'Boogie Woogie Country Man'?!" Janson asked the screaming crowd. Whatever this country singer drinks in the morning, we need it ... stat. He has an incredible amount of energy, and it's clear that he truly enjoys every second that he's on stage.

"Hey look, I get it. Two o'clock in the afternoon in the sun sucks, but are you with me?!" he shouted. Janson jammed out to "Redneck Revival," "Back in My Drinkin' Days" and "White Trash" — "A song that I wrote about myself," the singer admitted.

After wishing men in the audience a Happy Father's Day and giving a sweet shoutout to his own wife and kids, Janson slowed it down with his favorite song he's ever written: "When I'm Holdin' Her." The Missouri native also performed several new songs and "Better I Don't" from a few years back.

"I love that traditional country, boot-stompin' Waylon Jennings kinda sound. Let's do it!'" A strong cover of "Good Hearted Woman" was without a doubt a highlight of Janson's show.

The newcomer wrapped with his current single, "Buy Me a Boat" — his first song to make it into the Top 20 — and Tim McGraw's "Truck Yeah," which he wrote along with Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of LoCash, as well as Danny Myrick.

"The more you participate, the crazier I get," Janson revealed to the crowd. The Country Jammers were clapping and singing along to every word of the singer, and he really got a kick out of the "Buy Me a Boat" tanks that a group of girls were wearing in the front row.

Remarked the singer, "You're lookin' at a guy's dream coming true right in front of your eyes."

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