Taya Kyle has written a spot-on letter to the NFL. The widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle is asking the NFL to get off its knees and start building bridges.

Taya posted her letter to social media this week. Check out the message in its entirety below.

Like many Americans, Taya is watching a little more college football these days. Has the NFL lost your interest for a while over the current issues? We'd love to hear why in the comments on our social media pages. I like that she choose to speak out on the issue. Her husband was a great American. Taya is a great American. I can imagine many families may feel the same way she does. You lose a loved one in the line of duty only to watch the country that person fought for divide itself the way we seem to be doing these days. It must be very hard. I pray for this country everynight. I know Taya does as well.

Chris Kyle was a Navy SEAL who served four tours in Iraq and is considered the most lethal sniper in American history. He and friend Chad Littlefield were gunned down by Eddie Ray Routh outside a shooting range in Erath County, Texas in 2013. Kyle’s funeral procession was the longest in Texas’ history.

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