The Parks and Recreation department here in Temple Texas has announced that the Temple Farmer’s Market is now open.

"Wonderful fruits, vegetables, tastes, and smells await at the Temple Farmer’s Market," Parks and Rec said in a release.

The Temple Farmer’s Market is located at West Temple Park, 121 Montpark Road, off West Adams Avenue behind Temple Fire Station #7.

The market will operate every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 AM – 12:00 Noon throughout the summer.

Now we all know that's a limited time and requires some scheduling on most of our parts in order to be there to get our pick of the freshest fruits and vegetables, but homegrown produce is the best there is.  I like to cut out the middleman myself; sure I love our supermarkets, but if I'm giving the money directly to those who raised this lovely cornucopia of tasty treats from the earth, I will most certainly do it!

One favor: can somebody grow some decent tomatoes? Not these large, flavorless orbs but the real juicy, tender, flavorful Creole-style tomatoes I grew up eating. The Roma tomatoes and vine-ripened tomatoes are good too. Pair those with some fresh okra and you got the makings for a great stew.

Find out more about your Temple Parks and Recreations department here.