Wireless company Sprint recently announced its plans to shut down the Central Texas Sprint Customer Care Center on February 5. The closure will see more than 350 employees being laid off, which will lead to a significant number of people looking for work at the same time.

“We were, of course, disappointed to hear the news,” Temple City Manager Jonathan Graham said to Temple Daily Telegram. “We will focus our efforts on creating new jobs across the city and in finding a new company to occupy their facility.”

Sprint, based in Overland Park, Kansas, is in the process of shifting its resources and expanding digital care services in lieu of call centers. The company is on track to cut $800 million in costs for the fiscal year of 2015, which will end in March of 2016. On Monday Sprint announced that it has cut roughly 8% of its workforce - equivalent to approximately 2,500 jobs.

Sprint spokesperson Roni Singleton confirmed all employees will receive two weeks of separation benefits and pay, with the exact benefits varying based on the employee's position and their tenure at the company.

A good resource to help find new jobs can be found at Heart of Texas Goodwill learning centers, located in Killeen, Belton, Temple and Waco.