Happy Valentine's Day from Townsquare Media!

We are glad to report there is one less person in the 'dog house' for Valentine's Day this year. Congrats to this year's winner Ronrico Seymore!

Ronrico Seymore - TSM

Here is Ronrico's story about his sweetheart: Well, I believe my Bae deserves a special Valentine's Day because she's a really special hard working woman, that puts her kids first before anything. Bae be on her grind 24/7, she's a teacher, coach, mentor, really just some of everything, while raising 2 beautiful smart kiddos, that are not mine but I wish they were. She loves corny jokes like crazy, lol, she's my sexy little weirdo and she puts me in check when I talk negatively about myself...she hates that. She goes out of her way to make me happy when I'm really feeling down, and cooks the best damn tacos ever, lol. Bae deserves Valentines every day, and I wish I could give it to her, however, we have our ups and downs, but with both of us working hard long shifts, we tend to fall back from each other sometimes causing us to separate and I don't want to lose her. We barely have time to date and our schedule is off but hopefully, this Valentines whether we lose or win could put a little spark back into our relationship. She's a really good woman, and not to many of those rarely come around, especially a Goddess like her. Please let Bae and I have that Special Valentine's Day!!!!!


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