The City of Killeen’s Recreation Services Aquatics Division has announced that the Junior Service League Spray Pad at Long Branch Park is officially open.

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It's a dose of good news and bad news for those that enjoy the pool at Long Branch Park, as the city also announced the pool will remain closed for the rest of the 2022 summer season.

Killeen Cool Down

Record temps in Killeen all summer long has everyone looking for ways to cool down. A splash pad offers one of the best ways to get outdoors, have some fun, and splash around without overheating.

According to a news release from the City of Killeen, final repairs to the splash pad were completed last Friday. Unfortunately, repairs for the pool at Long Branch Park won't begin 'til September 12 and will take several days to complete.

Family Aquatic Center

Because Long Branch Park Pool is under repair, the city will offer access to the Family Aquatic Center at a discounted rate. The rates will be the same for the Family Aquatic Center as they would have been for Long Branch Park Pool and remain that way for the rest of the 2022 pool season.

Starting this Monday, August 1, and running through the rest of the pool season, Labor Day Weekend, fees for adults are only $3, fees for seniors and children are $2.

Hours of operation for the Aquatic Center are:

Tuesdays: Fridays: 11a - 5p
Saturdays: 10a - 6:30p
Sundays: 1p - 6:30p

For more information about pools in Killeen, visit or call (254) 501-6390. There, you will find rules and attire guidelines, including a cooler fee.

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