A Copperas Cove police officer who was off duty when he allegedly shot a woman in a road rage incident last weekend has resigned his position and surrendered to authorities.

Our partners at News 10 report that 45-year-old Eric Anthony Stoneburner has been charged with aggravated assault/serious bodily injury/use of deadly weapon.

Stoneburner was suspended after an argument that turned violent on Sunday, May 23.

Earlier this week, the victim, since identified as Lacresha Murray, said she made a U-turn because she felt sick and needed to get to a hospital. She said Stoneburner, who was off-duty and not driving a marked police vehicle, began pursuing her, and that after they "took turns racing past each other", she stopped to confront him.

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Murray said she was holding her side, which was in pain, when the argument she was having with Stoneburner escalated and he opened fire.

Today we have another side of the story from  Copperas Cove Police Chief Eddie Wilson.

Chief Wilson said Friday that Murray was driving west along Robertson Avenue around 12:40 PM Sunday when she made a U-turn in the 900 block and appeared to try to back into a driveway.

Stoneburner was reportedly driving east with his grandchild in his vehicle and yielded to Murray, moving forward again when there appeared to be enough room to do so.

Murray reportedly moved forward again, at which point Stoneburner stopped, then continued east.

According to Wilson, Murray passed Stoneburner in the 1400 block of Robertson and almost struck his vehicle. The two drivers stopped in the 1500 block and argued. When Murray exited her vehicle, Stoneburner exited his with a gun drawn and pointed at Murray.

Murray was treated at Scott & White in Temple for non-life-threatening injuries and later released.

"The course of events that followed led to Mr. Stoneburner discharging multiple rounds striking Ms. Murray multiple times.” Wilson said. “As a department, we cannot support Mr. Stoneburner’s decision to use deadly force in the moment and manner he did. We have worked hard to build legitimacy and trust within our community and will work just as hard to rebuild any trust lost as a result of this event."

Wilson resigned and turned himself in to the Coryell County Sheriff's Office after being named in a felony warrant Thursday.

Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting. Chief Wilson said there is video that's being held as evidence in the case.

I can't tell you how many times I've had someone not happy with my speed or even the look of me and try to cut me off, run me off the road, or intimidate me by riding the tail of my car.

I'm extremely fortunate that no one's taken a shot at me. It's something I worry about.

Road rage is no joke, and you have no idea who the other person is or what they're capable of.

In time, we'll have a clearer picture of what happened here. All I can say for now is that you've got be careful out there and be the bigger, more responsible person.

The roads may be packed this Memorial Day weekend, so take it easy out there. It's not worth being injured or worse because someone on the road is being a jerk.

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