A 20-year-old Copperas Cove man was recently arrested for possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone.

Police were alerted to possible narcotics activity at the Copperas Cove Public Library at 501 Main St. When they arrived, they found Joshua Douglas Elliot looking nervous, prompting them to question him. While searching his backpack, they reportedly found a gallon-sized plastic bag filled with 97.4 grams of marijuana.

Authorities also reported finding cigarette rolling papers, a plastic gum container with marijuana residue and partially smoked cigarettes containing marijuana.

Elliot was arraigned Thursday on a charge of possession of marijuana over 2 ounces but under 4 ounces, as well as an additional charge of possession in a drug-free zone. The Copperas Cove Public Library is located within 1,000 feet of Avenue E Alternative School.

His bond was set at $8,000.