In a very emotional press conference, Granger Smith and his wife, Amber, donated over $218,000  in proceeds from his son's tribute shirt to Dell Children's Hospital.

The Smith's lost their 3-year-old son River from a tragic drowning accident earlier this month. In an effort to thank the staff at Dell Children's for taking care of them in the days after the accident, Smith's Yee Yee Apparel released a special t-shirt designed to honor River. All proceeds from that shirt went directly to Dell Children's.

Speaking to the media and staff at the hospital Tuesday afternoon, Smith recalled how that even after they had been made aware that River's condition was "terminal", the nurses continued to talk to him as if he could hear them. He stated that he knows that River heard them, and their words touched them in times of tragedy as well.

Amber tearfully took the mic and stated how they would continue to give to Dell Children's."We don't understand why this happened, we will never understand why this happened. But we promise that we're going to figure out the good from it."

You can watch the live stream on the this Facebook page.

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