These photos from our listeners clearly show the crickets are taking over in Temple,  Killeen and the rest of Central Texas! 

Our very own Toni Ringgold who hosts a segment every Sunday on sister staion B106 was making a deposit at an ATM last night  and she decided not to because crickets were all over the place and she was petrified. It's pretty funny though!

Ahh, cricket season. The only thing more gross than seeing hundreds of them outside your door is the smell the little guys leave behind.

These crickets are called "perio-domestic" and show up by the thousands especially if you live somewhere that keeps outdoor lights on all night. Cutting your porch light or re-positioning outdoor lights away from entrances may help some, but these creatures are here to stay until about Halloween weekend. Bug lights with a yellow tint are also said to be helpful in cutting down on what these crickets can see. Such as ways into your garage or home. Sprinkling some comet cleanser around the front door is said to help keep the area clear for a little while.

If you happen to spot an area being over run by a cricket army, send us your photos or videos like these folks did.

Sleep tight!

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