The public often wonders: What becomes of childhood stars? In Alisan Porter's case, they make the jaws drop of every single judge on The Voice.

Porter — who starred in the 1991 film Curly Sue — performed a rendition of Linda Ronstadt's "Blue Bayou" during the Blind Auditions on Monday night's broadcast of The Voice. In turn, she gained the affection of all of the judges, who were begging her to choose to be on their team.

Blake Shelton guaranteed that she would have the most fun on his team, while Adam Levine promised a win if she let him be her coach. Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera got on the stage and praised Porter's talents at her feet.

"Remember who sat up and stage and worshipped you," Aguilera noted before strutting back to her seat.

Pharrell Williams was very much himself by playing it cool while still nudging her in his own direction.

In the midst of all this, Porter shared how she went from a childhood star to auditioning for The Voice. Warning: it might tug at your heart strings a little.

"I was an actress when I was very young, it wasn't my passion. This is my passion," Porter told the judges. "I got sober almost eight years ago, and I fell in love and I had children, and that was my goal, to be a good mom. But I feel the universe had a plan for me, because you guys turned for me today."

In the end, Porter decided to be a member on Team Christina, where she will receive mentorship from the pop star for the remainder of the season.

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