I have to keep telling myself "It's only week two, it's only week two" but golly do the Dallas Cowboys look good!

Also, the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins may not be the toughest tests, but scoring 30+ points in both games isn't anything to sneeze at in the NFL.

Dallas gave up the first score but took a 7 point lead before the half and never looked back. You get a sense of ease from this unit, starting from behind doesn't seem to phase them and when they get a lead they believe they'll hold it.

Dak Prescott had his second game with more than 300 yards total offense. Dak scored again with the deep ball, had a career-long 42-yard run and completed 86% of his passes, yes 86%!

Clearly, I'm a Cowboys fan and clearly, I'm a little too excited. I mean I think we have a trip to the super bowl basically locked. Okay, here I go again. "It's only week two, it's only week two".



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