Billy Currington had it right when he wrote the song, "People Are Crazy". This Dallas man completely freaks out on a Burger King employee over a milkshake.

Alejandra Estrada said she was terrified to return to work after a Jun 13th incident with a customer who threatened to kill her over a milkshake. Security footage shows an unidentified male throwing his milkshake at the employee, then he leaps over the counter to hit her and chase her around the store.

Estrada told KTVT television that the man said he planned to kill her.

“He was calling to me to kill me, ‘I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill you,’”

Her coworkers dialed 9-1-1, and the man fled the restaurant. He has still not been identified. He was wearing a green sleeveless t-shirt and a black baseball cap. When he complained about his milkshake, Estrada then made him two additional drinks but he became enraged and attacked her.

She said "He hit me a lot. Like seven times."