The Dallas Cowboys have scored more than 30 points in their first three games.

Despite losing by 25 points and only putting up two field goals the Miami Dolphins suffered their closest loss of the season.

So as sharp as Dallas has looked, I'm not sure they have played anything near a play-off contending team yet.

Dak Prescott had his most modest game of the season completing 59% of his passes for 246 yards with two touchdowns in the air, one rushing score, and an interception according to FOX Sports. Still a solid performance.

One of the highlights of the game was 37-year-old fresh out of retirement, Jason Witten getting some yards after the catch on a couple of key plays. Witten is one of the most consistent players of all time but typically doesn't go far after he catches. When he does it sure is memorable.

Dallas Plays the Saints in a Sunday night game next. Even with Drew Brees out this will be their best test so far.


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