UPDATE: The teacher filmed shouting "Die!" and shooting a squirt gun at footage of President Donald Trump has been identified as Adamson High School art instructor Payal Modi. KFOR-TV reports that Modi has been placed on administrative leave.



OMG! Talk about "freaking out"!

It's probably the last kind of behavior any parent wants their child's teacher to exhibit during a school day, but this Dallas teacher apparently just couldn't hold back her feelings during the recent Presidential Inauguration. It has still not been confirmed if children were in the classroom during this video.

She can clearly be heard screaming "die!" as she shoots President Trump in the face with a squirt gun. The original video was deleted, but before it was removed from the internet, somebody else copied it. The copy is what is going viral and causing parents nationwide to shake their heads in disbelief.

The website townhall.com still had the video up as of Friday afternoon. Had this video been made in the privacy of her own home, it probably would not be as talked about, but this was obviously done in the classroom. Regardless of who is being sworn in, the Presidential Inauguration is a historic event that should be honored and respected.

This behavior would probably be getting the same negative reaction had the inauguration been for George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or  Bill or Hillary Clinton.


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