Several news outlets are reporting the story of a 3rd floor collapse at a college apartment complex in Denton, Texas.

KWTX and WFAA are reporting the floor collapsed during a late night party in Denton, Texas at the Ridge Apartments in Denton. 

Students can be seen dancing and jumping at a late night party just before the floor gives way in the video above. KWTX reports that the Denton Fire Department received calls about a roof collapse at about 1:45 AM on Sunday. Emergency responders arrived to find students dangling between the floors of the building.

The floor is believed to have collapsed because of multiple people jumping on the 3rd floor. While no one was seriously injured, many of the students now have no place to live. The students who lived on the second floor told local affiliate KTVT that all their possessions are ruined by the floor collapse and sprinkler system that was set off when the floor broke away.

The NSFW original video of the floor collapse can be found here

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