Apparently, the Google Maps camera car is driving through our neck of the woods. I saw it today on General Bruce Drive, as we were coming back from lunch. 

It drove right by us! I screamed like I saw Lady Gaga on a unicorn, I kid you not. (I wonder if they got me on camera? I wonder if I'm famous now??)  It looks like Google is making the rounds in our area for some updated maps. It's probably good that they're coming back around, because some of their imaging in Killeen and Temple is woefully out of date. Check these out:

On Google Maps, my house near Temple shows a birdbath in the yard. I have no idea how it got there or what happened to it. I don't know who the magical people were who lived in my house before me and made the yard so pretty with things like bird baths and benches and porch swings, but  I wish they would come back and teach me a few things.

I have no idea what this is. Via Google Maps

Hey, according to Google Maps, there's A Krystal Burger on W.S. Young and Highway 190!

"Hey, who's hungry for a Krystal Burg--oh wait."   Via Google Maps

Except, no, Krystal Burger went out of business in Killeen, like two years ago. Even the burger place that replaced Krystal Burger went out of business. (This would be a great place for the new In-N-Out)


Hmmmm.....looks like something's missing here on E Central Texas Expressway in Killeen? I wonder what's missing....

This might be the last existing image of vast open space in Killeen. Via Google Maps

Oh I know. It's the giant new Cavendar's Boots that opened up last year.


A lot of this on Trimmier is gone now too.

Via Google Maps

A few of these buildings were torn down this year. According to the Chamber of Commerce, this is where the new CVS is coming in.

Google Maps catches a lot of cool things on their roving cameras. Here's my friend Ryan's dog, who was caught on Google Maps cameras awhile back. Now the dog is famous, obviously.

Famous Baxter! Via Google Maps

Pretty cute little guy! And now everyone knows!

I can't wait to see when they upgrade their maps. Plus with all the new businesses/growth around here, it looks like we'll have to have them swing by real soon again.

I'm sure I missed lots of out of date  images in this post, so make sure to tell me in the comments below what other areas of town don't quite match up with Google Maps and I'll include them in another post.