16-year-old Jason Maldonado says he's Blake Shelton's biggest fan. This Harker Heights teenager had his dream of meeting Blake come true at a concert in Wichita late September.

Jason has been living with autism, attention deficit disorder, and a condition called hydrocephalus which is the over accumulation of fluid in the brain. His mother had been trying to arrange a meeting with the country superstar but wasn't having any luck.

All this changed when Jason's mom got a hold of Sheri Burdine who founded a group called Hydro Angels Over America. Sheri was diagnosed with hydrocephalus as a child, and organized the group to help others with the same condition.

Burdine saw all the Tweets and messages Jason's mom had been sending out to Shelton, and jumped into action. Burdine told KWTX, "I saw all these little tweets she was putting out. She said 'please Blake meet Jason', you don't even know how many posts that I saw."

Sheri got ahold of Blake's talent agency who told Jason and his mom to get ready to head to Wichita for a special evening. Jason and his mom got to attend a private acoustic concert with Blake, meet the country superstar, and enjoy his concert from the front row.

Jason said, "I got to meet him and mommy put it on facebook. He was nice and he's 40 years old and his birthday is June 18th."

Jason's mother said her son watched the video of himself meeting Blake Shelton every morning and talks about it everyday. Sheri Burdine says she knows connection between Blake and Jason will last a lifetime.

Shelton takes the stage tonight in Brooklyn, New York. His new single "A Guy With The Girl" was just released to country radio.