Welcome to Dollar General, the place where you can save a lot - especially when you live on a budget. Some changes could be on the way for DG stores in Killeen and Temple, but how will employees and shoppers feel about it?

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Dollar General Ramping Up Self-Checkout

According to an article from Best Life, Dollar General is making a significant change in the near future. The addition of self-checkout lanes are being tested in around 200 stores with the hopes of converting all their stores.

Our Dollar General Has One

They've actually got a self-checkout kiosk at the Dollar General up the road from our studios here in Temple. It's a lone self-checkout that used to be a normal register. One normal register is still in operation, but we've seen most people using the self-checkout kiosk.

Is This An Improvement?

Many folks love the ease of self-checkout, while others love the interaction with the cashier or feel they ought to get some sort of discount for acting as a deputized cashier themselves.

Dollar General is banking on people preferring the self-checkout lanes. Their hope is to convert about 11,000 Dollar Generals to the self-checkout system by the end of 2022.

Chief operating officer for Dollar General, Jeff Owen, says the plan is part of Dollar General's Fast Track Initiative, "As a result of the success of self-checkout and popularity with customers, we have recently launched a pilot of stores that are entirely self-checkout." 

It sounds like they're envisioning a mix of self-checkout options and some stores that are entirely self-checkout. Either way, the ability to get in and get out quickly is always attractive.

How Do Americans Feel About Self-Checkout?

Last year, a Raydiant survey found that 85% of people believe self-checkouts are faster, but 65% of people worry about their cleanliness, and 65% of people would also prefer to just use their smartphone to check out.

Meanwhile, 67% of people have experienced at least one "fail" (the survey's wording) at a self-checkout. We've all been there, right? You're just scanning your items when suddenly the machine stops working and you have to call the clerk over to help.

Perhaps the biggest finding of the survey - 60% of  people said they prefer self-checkout over being checked out by a store employee.

What's In Store, and How Do You Feel About It?

No word yet on when Killeen Dollar Generals will see the self-checkout lanes. Have you seen any? Also, do you prefer to use self-checkout or be rung up by a human cashier?

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