Since Easter is here, we can say that Spring has officially sprang. Actually, I think the thing that makes it official is all of my friends posting picture of their kiddos all dressed up in the Easter frills on their Facebook pages. Don't get me wrong, I love long as they don't sneeze on me or speak in my presence. My husband and I were never blessed with offspring and I think that is a good thing because I don't really have the "mother gene" and because I am scared to death of the little disease carrying creatures. The only time I really feel cheated by life for not procreating is around the holidays, especially because of the photo opportunities. I play around a lot with photography so I reckon it would be say to say that other than trying to start Twitter battles with vapid Reality "Stars" like Farrah from Teen Mom, taking pictures would be one of my hobbies.

Even though after 14 years of marriage, two legged children aren't going to be an option for us but I don't think that means my four legged children should not get to enjoy a little internet admiration time too! Everyone else I know has posted all of their pictures of their cute kids wearing their Easter best today, so I wanted to post some pictures I took of my first born...Dolly "As in Parton" Ballou. This picture is my favorite from her latest Spring photo shoot.


And of course, what precious little Princess doesn't deserve a brand new Easter dress?


Unfortunately, her brother Dewey Cox Ballou isn't as great of a "still" model as Dolly is...he is much more an "action" shot kind of subject...but if y'all don't mind I might be sharing more pictures of my "kids" on the website. They are quite the camera hams.

Happy Easter from the Ballou family to yours!


I shot all of these with my Canon 50 D SLR in my neighbor's ditch.