A video of an Austin man who was swindled by a Craigslist scammer got retribution shortly after when he took matters into his own hands and presented the "salesman" with two options. This is a great example of someone who will not be taken advantage of.

YouTube uploader GTX GUNS filmed his confrontation with a Craigslist scammer who sold a stolen iPhone, and got his money back (and then some). The man briefly explained that his friend purchased a phone from the day before and his wife's phone was quickly deactivated on account of it being a stolen phone. Then he presented him with two options. There is one use of profanity in the video.

So here’s our choices today: I either want my $560 or I want this phone.

And if this one is reported stolen, he filmed you pulling up. He’s got you on camera now, he’s got this car and I will find you.

So those are the options. Which one do you want to go with?

The alleged “ssalesman”  replied:

I really didn’t mean to do that.

And then proceeded to give him $560 with another $40 to go with it.