Sometimes news stories are so outrageous, all you can do is scream 'WHAT!!!!' at your computer screen. 

A Joint Base Lewis-McChord  soldier, Brandon Harker, left his 2-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever with a 'friend,' when he went left for a 9-month deployment to Afghanistan. But instead of getting a warm reunion with his best friend, Harker says when he returned home he discovered his friend had given the dog away.

Via Dogs On Deployment Facebook

Grief stricken, Brandon is now desperate to find Oakley.  He's been reaching out via social media and other outlets to help find the person who may have adopted Oakley.

The soldier's own words are agonizing and heartbreaking:

I just recently returned from a 9 month deployment. And upon arrival back into the area I found out my yellow labrador retriever was either given away or sold while I was gone. I was told this happened in May, but it could have happened anytime from February till June. He is good with kids and other dogs. He has a unique coat, on his face he has spots of a darker yellow (champagne) he also has spots of the same color going down his sides and legs. If anyone has any information on this and can help me please do. I am just trying to get him back to me since he was wrongfully given away or sold with out my permission while I was deployed. I will also be able to verify the dog is mine because he is micro-chipped and registered to me. Once again thank you to everyone who sees this and tries to help. If you could spread the word about this issues that would be great as well.

Via Craigslist

Check out the Craigslist ad Harker posted here to find out how you can help this soldier find his dog.

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