If you happened to be outside in Killeen, Texas this afternoon and thought you saw huge plumes of smoke on the horizon, you were right. If you thought it was a wildfire, hold your horses.

Smoke On The Horizon in Killeen

Around 3:30 PM Friday, January 21, one of our listeners in Killeen snapped a few pictures of heavy smoke rising from southwest of town.

Shortly afterward, more pictures started popping up on social media with folks asking what the heck was going on.

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Via a Concerned Listener (Used with Permission)
Via a Concerned Listener (Used with Permission)

So, What Is Going On?

I reached out to Killeen Fire Department Chief James C. Kubinski, who said there were no active fire incidents happing in the city as of 4:03 PM.

However, Chief Kubinksi said his department had been notified of a prescribed burn on Ft. Hood property, but could not confirm that this was what the listener had seen.

There Was a Controlled Burn Planned for Today

It turns out there was a controlled burn event planned for today.

The Fort Hood Directorate of Public Works announced that their Natural and Cultural Resources Management Branch, along with the US Fish and Wildlife Service from Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, would be conducting a prescribed burn this afternoon within the TA73 area of Fort Hood.

The smoke we've been seeing is coming from the area located off Ivy Mountain, Mayberry Park, and Maxdale Roads.

Thanks for the Pictures

Thanks to the listener who sent us their photos of the smoke (and prefers to remain anonymous). I've written you back to let you know the situation, and I hope getting this article out there puts to rest anyone's anxieties as they begin their commute home.

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