Every year, families in Temple flock downtown for the annual Fright Fest on Halloween night. With the pandemic throwing a monkey wrench in everyone's 2020 plans, Temple Parks & Rec is doing things a little differently this year.

The Fright Fest will now be a Creep Thru at the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum. From 7PM to 9PM Saturday, October 31, families can drive through a fun-filled, haunted route from West Central Avenue and South 9th Street to the underside of the bridge at West Avenue B and South 3rd Street.

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Each car will receive a "Family Night in a Bag" containing snacks, treats, toys, and games the whole family can enjoy at home.

The Creep Thru is a free event, and you won't need to preregister. However, the treat bags will be given away on a first come, first served basis. 10 lucky families will receive an extra surprise.

The folks handing out treats will be wearing masks and gloves for safety. They ask that you and your family remain in your car throughout the event and just enjoy the lights, scenes, and family-friendly frights. They also ask that you kill your headlights as you navigate the course so everyone can enjoy, and just take it slow. (Think of it as a miniature, Halloween version of Nature in Lights.)

With so many events being flat-out cancelled throughout the year, I'm glad to see Temple Parks & Rec and the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum teaming up to keep the Fright Fest tradition alive.

For more information, visit the Fright Fest page on Temple Parks & Rec's website.

However you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, have a great time, but keep health and safety top of mind. Aside from COVID-19 precautions, that also includes checking any candy before your kids eat it and making sure you're visible to cars as you're out trick-or-treating so no one gets run over.

2020 may be a dumpster fire, but we can still have fun. Have a happy Halloween!

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