Today marks an anniversary celebration of sorts for a Waco original. 96 years ago today the Dr Pepper Company was incorporated and moved to Dallas Texas (July 6th, 1923).

Today the Museum will offer "Pop-Up Saturday". Swing by the Museum to create your own musical instrument using recycled soda containers! Visitors can create a maraca or castanet and can even try their soda bottle xylophone!

Created by Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas in the 1880s, the bubbly was first served in 1885 and its 'unique flavor' was marketed around the country by 1904. Alderton was working as a pharmacist at the time and experimenting with flavors when he stumbled on what would become Dr Pepper.

Today, plenty of people will be stopping by the site of Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store and the Dr Pepper Museum. If you plan a visit can see live demonstrations and informative presentations from the staff and shop for souvenirs in the gift shop. Of course, everyone loves visiting the Soda Fountain. The Dr Pepper museum also features the liquid labs, gallery talks, a scavenger hunt for kids and the 10-2-4 collectors club.

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