Country newcomer Dustin Lynch is currently out on the road with Keith Urban and Little Big Town on the Light the Fuse Tour, but he recently had to de-board the tour bus and enter the place nobody wants to be while on the road: the hospital.

Apparently, the 'She Cranks My Tractor' hitmaker was hit hard by the flu, and had to be briefly hospitalized Thursday evening (July 25) in order to pump up his fluids before a show in Charlotte, N.C.

Although it's every singer's worst nightmare to get sick (and be hospitalized) while on the road, Lynch seems to be handling it well. He even tweeted about his hospitalization, saying, "Thx to my lovely nurse Tara and Dr Davidson for helping me kick the flu! I'm back and ready to Light The Fuse!"

In the photo he provided, the Lynch looks pretty lively (perhaps due to the beautiful nurse at his side), and wasn't even donning the typical hospital gown, preferring a more casual T-shirt and jeans look.

The fluids and extra care really worked wonders, as Lynch was able to take the stage that night looking spiffy in a cowboy hat and not at all sickly. With a little rest, an IV and a lovely nurse, the singer seems to be on the mend and back on the bus!