It's that time of year when we all watch out for patches of blue while driving around town, and while bluebonnets are popping up in patches here and there, they haven't quite boomed yet. You wouldn't know it looking at this field on West Adams Avenue in Temple, though.

The grassy area between the Walmart at 6801 W Adams and Old Waco Road is practically glowing blue. The photos above don't do it justice, and there were already families taking bluebonnet photos when I arrived to snap the pictures above and video below.

It is a shopping center, so there was some debris - a few plastic bags and stray scraps of cardboard. These were quickly and easily cleared away with my foot. Next time you're on West Adams, stop by this field for a moment and just take it in the beautiful sight of a little patch of sky in the grass. It's good for the soul!


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