A Boston family is seeking answers after they raised concerns regarding the treatment of a soldier who was stated at Fort Hood, Texas when he died.

The Case In Detail

The Killeen Daily Herald reported the details of the passing of Sgt. Elder Fernandes. Sgt. Fernandes was found dead in Temple on August 31st, 2020. An autopsy revealed the cause of death was suicide by hanging.

Two years after his passing, the family of Sgt. Fernandes has filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking $25 million.

According to court filings, the lawsuit demands Ft. Hood "compensate [Sgt. Fernandes' family] for the loss of Sergeant Fernandes’ life, his pain and suffering prior to death, their own pain and suffering and emotional distress resulting from his death, his lost earnings and earning potential, and his and their loss of enjoyment of life."

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Further Details In Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, August 17, 2020 was the last time Sgt. Fernandes was seen. The week before, on August 11, 2020, a family member transported Sgt. Fernandes to Carl Darnall Army Medical Center, with the family reporting he was suicidal due to sexual harassment at Fort Hood.

The lawsuit states that the medical center did not assist Sgt. Fernandes, instead providing him with "no meaningful plan for his support." On August 25, 2020, a week after last being seen, his body was discovered in Temple.

However, this is not the first wrongful death lawsuit the US Army is facing at Fort Hood.

Earlier Case In April Of 2020

Spc. Vanessa Guillen's murder made national headlines in 2020. More facts about the case continue to be revealed, with reports that Guillen reported sexual harassment before the crime occurred, and certain Army officials being relieved of duty for their inaction.

In August of 2022, the family of Spc. Vanessa Guillen filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking $35 million in damages.

As both of these are developing stories, we have more info when it becomes available.

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