Next to finding nothing in the fridge, it's the saddest feeling in the world seeing Facebook notifications only to click and find that it's only a game request.  No more!!!!

That's right, all you Candy Crush Crackheads, Farmville freaks and general roustabouts that send me game requests so that you can get some sort of bonus in your game are out of luck.  Not that I've ever given in and played a Facebook game, except for that one time.

Yes.  One time several years ago I was weak.  I played a Facebook game of Madden football that ended up costing me $50 before I realized the scam.  Actually, it cost me $50 before my wife saw the charges in our bank account and put an emphatic end to my playing days.

The point is, I didn't play the game because of an invite.  It was an ad.  Besides that one time I spent $50, I've never played a Facebook game.  Now, thanks to a Facebook post from a friend, I have the method for eliminating game requests, thus ending both the potential of spending too much time & money on a stupid game AND that empty feeling of finding game request notifications instead of people you hardly know giving you a digital thumbs-up.

To end game requests, simply go to your Facebook app or to the website and go to:




Check "No" on the top

Done.  Boom goes the dynamite.  And away go the games.