Twitter to poll folks on whether or not he should open a Tesla factory in Texas. At least that's what we think he did.



The billionare simply Tweeted "Giga Texas?" with a poll attached. Changing America and other media outlets believe that is referring to  whether or not he should open a Gigafactory in Texas.

Of course, he did it in his Musky fashion and instead of a simple 'Yes' or 'No' it was 'Hell Yeah' or 'Naw'. He's so hip and cool, 'Hell Yeah' is overwhelming winning. I don't think it's just due to his name, but I imagine he has a gross musk smell to him.

Look if it brings in jobs and is good for the state I'm all about it, but Musk has annoyed Texans in the past. His SpaceX station in tiny Boca Chica, Texas has been terrorizing the townfolk for months now.

In the U.S., there are two Gigafactories in operation: one in Buffalo, N.Y., and in Storey County, Nev. — the latter being one of the biggest buildings in the world based on floor area and square footage. Everything is bigger in Texas, so it should be better.

But if you didn't get it by now, that Musk dude gives me the creeps.





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