Easter is this Sunday, and you know what that means: EASTER EGG HUNT!

It's been a while since we could celebrate Easter with a big Easter egg hunt. Hunts across the country were cancelled last year due to the pandemic. In fact, Easter was just one of the many pandemic related casualties from last year.

Well, it's 2021 and spring is here, so let's make up for last year with an epic egg hunt.

Join US105 this Saturday, April 3, at Confederate Park in Belton for New Beginnings Learning Academy's Easter Egg Hunt. This is a free event with fun for the entire family.

There will be prizes, games, vendors, and inflatables. Registration starts at 9am.

Ever wonder how Easter egg hunts began? I looked it up and found that it may have started in Germany as early as the late 16th century.

The egg was a symbol of spring or "new life", and would be adopted by the Christians as a symbol of the resurrection with the empty shell representing Jesus' empty tomb. Men would hide the eggs for women and children to find as a nod to the resurrection. The empty tomb was discovered by women.

The Easter hare, or bunny as we call it, represented the fertility of the Virgin Mary. According to the custom, the Easter bunny would hide the painted eggs around the house or garden for all the good kids to find. Thus the Easter egg hunt was born.

I'm sure there are many stories and beliefs that go along with the Easter bunny and Easter eggs, but that's the one I choose to believe.

In a little more depressing news, I saw a story from a dentist that lists the best and worst candies at Easter. Local Syracuse reported that pediatric dentist Dr. Tansy Schoonmaker suggests swapping out some of the more sugary candies for some of the less sugary variety. Sour Patch Kids, gummies, fruit snacks, Skittles and jelly beans should be replaced with chocolate, dark chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Hershey’s Kisses, or candy with nuts because they have less sugar. She also reminds you to brush your teeth 30 minutes after eating the candy.

Of course you can always play it safe with our Virtual Easter Egg hunt on our station website, brought to you by Express ER. Cavity Free!

Hope to see you on Saturday, and Happy Easter!

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