Eric Church electrified 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Monday night (Feb. 10) with a performance of 'The Outsiders,' the title track from his new album, out Tuesday.

The singer's hit was the perfect choice to get the 'Kimmel' crowd livened up. After the first verse and chorus, Church beckoned for his band to get louder, commanding, "C'mon!" At that moment, pyro effects flew up behind him and the stage erupted in energy.

From the start to the finish, the country star -- dressed in a black hoodie and his signature aviator sunglasses (without his trademark cap!) -- was magnetic in his performance. He brought nothing but passion and personality to the stage, and the crowd reacted with fist-pumps and screams the whole way through.

Church showed yet again. that he's shrewd, sly and totally unstoppable onstage. He is definitely a showman, and he shined on 'Kimmel.' The band was also stellar, as rocking guitar solos and gang-style choruses kept the song moving. Plus, lots of fire made the song red-hot. If the audience thought the pyro effects early on were amazing, toward the end, the country rebel's set absolutely lit up on all sides with flames that shot up and down to the beat of the music.

The singer's appearance was a perfect way to ignite excitement for his new album.

In addition to the release of 'The Outsiders,' Church has exciting events in the coming months. He'll head across the pond for a European tour and will also perform at the first-ever iHeart Radio Country Festival this spring.