Today our Chief Engineer Doug asked me if I could make a trip to the 101.7 Ticket Transmitter with him to fix the "ice bridge".  I jumped at the opportunity to go and learn some more behind the scenes knowledge from the guy that serves as the "Radio Station McGyver".Just so that I am not selfishly taking advantage of this opportunity I took a few minutes while Doug was doing the real work to take some pictures so that I can properly share this awesome experience with you...  Buckle up...

It is always a fun experience when you walk up to a sign like this on the front of a locked gate outside of a transmitter.

This is what it looks inside of the building housing the actual transmitter.  To me it looks like a refrigerator with lots of buttons and dials on the front.

The view from the bottom of the tower looking up...  It is VERY high from this vantage point!

This is the "ice bridge"...  It serves as a protector for the high voltage line running from the transmitter to the tower.  If ice freezes on the tower and falls over (which Doug says is common) then it hits the bridge not the power lines.

While Doug was sizing up the problem and deciding how we were going to the fix the ice bridge, I spent this time drilling a hole in this little tree by the building.  Doug told me I couldn't drill a hole in the building... Meanie Face...

Just so it is clear, I was not goofing off, Doug made approximately 243 trips back to his truck during the two hours we spent at the transmitter.  Maybe I am exaggerating  it was probably closer to the 200 number.  I took some of this time to practice my Spock hand signal so as not to get bored.

See...  We actually did some work and stuff as well as have fun!

Doug coming back to the ladders after his landmark 200th trip back to his truck.

The wrench that I got to use to undo some bolts.  Big and Studly!

Doug perched precariously on the ladder and tower...  And believe it or not, this wasn't even the time he fell!

This is the hole that was by where we had the ladders that I thought about using Doug's pliers to check the depth, he did not think it was a good idea.  Sad Day...

Trip number 212 to his truck...  Seriously... Trip 212!!!

Finished product... Keep in mind we left quickly after this so if it was to fall, we wouldn't be there to have to fix it right then!