Friends don't let friends drive drunk. One trip to is all it takes to get a reminder of the consequences of not giving up the keys.

I don't know if there is anything sadder than a parent losing a child. The faces at all belonged to a family who loved them but whose lives were lost over the actions of a drunk driver.

Members of TxDot's Waco District stopped by our studios along with Nancy Pratt of Salado, Texas. Nancy lost her daughter to a drunk driver in Bell County in 2013. Her daughter was only 20-years-old. Nancy told us that working with Faces of Drunk Driving and speaking to the media about drunk driving is a way to keep her daughter's memory alive, and prevents her death from just being another statistic.

What are some things you can do right now to take a stand against drunk driving? The first is decide that you won't drink and drive a vehicle. Ever. Take turns being a designated driver. Remember a DD is not someone who drank the least. It's someone who did not drink at all. Plan ahead and know how you'll get home before any drinking starts. Finally, share this video with your friends and family. Friends don't let friends drive drunk.

Our prayers for Nancy and her family as they continue to miss their daughter. We hope her story continues to help spread the word about the Faces of Drunk Driving Campaign in central Texas. Our thanks to TxDot for sharing this info with out audience.

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