Lydell Grant was released from prison on bond last month after serving 7 years of a life sentence.

According to a press release from the office of the Harris County DA, Lydell Grant was freed last month on bond based on new DNA evidence that could exonerate him of murder in the 2010 killing of Aaron Scheerhoorn.

Scheerhoorn was stabbed to death outside of a bar in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston. Lydell Grant was initially convicted to life in prison for the murder of Aaron Scheerhoorn in 2012 based on statements from eyewitnesses.

The Innocence Project of Texas worked with Lydell Grant and asked the Harris County DA's office to re-test DNA found under the fingernails of the victim. Based on the new testing Grant was eliminated as a donor. Once the new DNA was ran through CODIS, it pointed to who investigators now believe is the real killer, Jermarico Carter.

Upon further investigation, authorities were able to verify that Carter was also in the Montrose neighborhood when Scheerhoorn was murdered. On December 19, Jermarico Carter was arrested and charged for the stabbing of Aaron Scheerhoorn. Law enforcement agencies in Georgia and Houston worked together to locate and arrest Jermarico Carter. Detectives were even able to obtain a statement from Carter in which he admits to the murder of Scheerhoorn.

The lead council for Lydell Grant has stated, “We are relieved that Lydell’s wrongful conviction has had this important breakthrough. We look forward to his full exoneration at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.”

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