KWTX is reporting the story of three detention officers who acted quickly to help an inmate who went into premature labor early Tuesday at the Navarro County jail.

The three officers who helped bring the little ones into the world are Detention Sgt. Woodall, and Detention Officers Betty Rivera and April Martin. This quick thinking group of officers not only saved the mothers life but the life of the twins.

Sherriff Elmer Tanner was very thankful his staff was able to act quickly to save the family. Tanner told KWTX, "I would like to praise their fast-thinking, dedication, calmness, and compassion, during a very stressful situation that could have ended very differently."

We really can't thank our first responders, police, firefighters, and detention officers enough for all they in the great state of Texas. They never grow tired of helping the people.

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