Headline readers misinterpreted a story, and now some actually believe that the latest Fast and Furious movie is filming in Central Texas.

Ahh, social media, where things are misconstrued in a variety of ways. Recently, the Waco Trib posted a few opinion letters from their audience, and one of them is really garnering attention.

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The headline of the story reads: LETTERS: Hollywood brings 'Fast & Furious' to Waco intersection Valley Mills at Bosque

For headline readers that was the end all, be all. A screenshot shared via social media this morning has been collecting hundreds of shares from those not at all concerned with reading the full article. Those "readers" now believe Fast & Furious is filming in Waco.

The first paragraph is captured in the screenshot, and it's obvious that the writer was engaging in sarcasm, but I would like to assume that most people who shared the post didn't read it.

In reality, I'm very concerned about reading comprehension skills. The rate at which this false news is being shared is alarming and disgruntling to say the least. Obviously I understand the excitement of a major Hollywood movie coming to Waco, but that just isn't the case.

The true narrative of the story?

A reader is agitated with the constant speeding that takes place on Valley Mills between Cobbs and Bosque. The reader also suggests that local police allow the speeding, and is jokingly implying that the scene is much like those of Fast and Furious.

If you're from the Waco area, you're probably aware of the racing that happens on Valley Mills. On Friday nights during the summer the locals refer to it as "Rally on the Valley."

Fiction is fun, but these are the facts.

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