Waco residents want the city to consider a reduction of the speed limit in the China Springs area after a woman was struck and killed by an SUV as she tried to cross the street at the intersection of China Springs Road and Granada drive Wednesday evening. Tashekia Stevens (33) died early Thursday morning at Waco Hospital.

Residents living along China Springs Road say the 55-miles-per-hour speed limit is too high given the heavy traffic volume and road construction in the area that is part of a highway expansion project. Resident Mark McGaugh told KWTX that "people are going to go 65-miles-per-hour in a 55-miles-per-hour zone. For someone crossing the street, that's like stepping onto an expressway."

China Springs Road via google maps

The area of China Springs Road that Tashekia Stevens was trying to cross is home to several Waco businesses. It's estimated that some 14,000 cars drive down China Springs Road everyday. Residents want the Texas Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit while the highway expansion project is being worked on.