New details have been revealed regarding an incident in Temple, Texas that occurred outside the Walmart located on West Adams Ave.

Details Of The Altercation

Social Media began to buzz on Saturday July 22nd, 2023 as Individuals in the area were questioning what was happening in front of the shopping center. Eventually, video surfaced of the incident in question, which can be seen here.

The video shows two men engaging in a fight. One man, now identified as Seifeddine S. Kurdi, trying to strike a yet to be named person with a pole cover from the establishment. Eventually, Kurdi is restrained by witnesses, and the video ends.

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Now, days after the scene, Kurdi has been taken into custody, with the cause for his actions revealed.

Kurdi's Actions

According to the Temple Daily Telegram, Communications and Public Relations Division Director Nohely Mackowiak revealed the issues began when Kurdi became incensed after the unknown person's car was at a standstill near the crosswalk area. Kurdi, not wanting to wait, moved to go around the stopped vehicle.

While trying to get around the unnamed individual's car, the person got out of his car, and proceeded to strike Kurdi's vehicle. Kurdi then left his car, and went to face the unknown person.

Kurdi and the individual fought for a brief period, before Kurdi returned his vehicle, and produced a knife.

Once the individuals were separated and the fight ended, law enforcement was called, and Kurdi was taken into custody. The Temple Daily Telegram reports he facing a charge with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and his bond at $100,000.

At the time of writing, he is in the Bell County Jail. More details will be reported when they become available.

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