Black Friday is giving back this Christmas shopping season.  After a long day shopping, wouldn't it be nice to spend a day all about you?  Spa package?  Dinner out?  Pit passes & meet-and-greet passes to Florida-Georgia Line?

US 105 is hooking you up with the Ultimate Florida-Georgia Line prize package.  If you're the first person to spot our US 105 Secret Shopper Black Friday you'll win a 2-hour Holiday Express package from the Spa at Canyon Oaks to help you relax after a long day of shopping.  You'll also win dinner at Cheeves Brothers Steakhouse in Temple for a pre-show meal before you go see Florida-Georgia Line at the Bell County Expo from the pit up front.  That's after meeting the guys backstage before the show.

It's the Ultimate Florida-Georgia Line prize package, and to win you just need to ask , "Are you the US 105 Secret Shopper?".  Ask everyone you see.  Our Secret Shopper could be anywhere, and could be anybody.  Check back here each day this week.  We'll post daily clues as to the top secret Black Friday Secret Shopper location.  Each clue will only stay up for 24 hours Monday-Wednesday.

Friday morning you'll want to follow us on Twitter @US105Country.  Our Secret Shopper will be tweeting out clues starting at 9am as to his/her location and what he/she is wearing.  Once you think you've figured out the location, ask everyone you see, "Are you the US 105 Secret Shopper?".

Find the US 105 Secret Shopper.  Win the Ultimate Florida-Georgia Line prize package for their show Saturday night at the Bell County Expo.

Today's Clue:  Do the numbers 76548 mean anything to you?