Which of your favorite stars are rolling in the most dough? The answer may surprise you!

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Forbes has just released its yearly list of which musicians pulled in the most money this year, and results might surprise you. Before I looked at the list, I was sure Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake would have taken the top spot. Although Swift did make the list, she definitely wasn't as high as I thought she'd be. And the winner? none other than the material girl herself, Modonna.

Seriously? Is this 1988? Apparently most of Madge's cash flow came from her tour, which grossed $305 million. Which begs the question, who is still going to see Madonna in concert? Anyway, the rest of the list is made up of both pop and country stars. Another shocker? Swift wasn't even the highest earning country star! It was Toby Keith who brought in a cool $65 million. Check out the top ten earners below, along with their cash flow for this year.

1.) Madonna ($125 Million)

2.) Lady Gaga ($80 Million)

3.) Bon Jovi ($79 Million)

4.) Toby Keith ($65 Million)

5.) Coldplay ($64 Million)

6.) Justin Bieber ($58 Million)

7.) Taylor Swift ($55 Million)

8.) Elton John ($54 Million)

9.) Kenny Chesney ($53 Million)

10.) Beyonce ($53 Million)


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