A Fort Hood soldier who aided in the robbery of a video game store at gunpoint now faces felony charges.

21-year-old Jessica Elaintrell Smith has been charged with first-degree felony aggravated robbery after confessing to helping three men rob a Game Exchange store at 2501 S. W.S. Young Drive in Killeen on Aug. 2.

According to police, two armed men forced their way into the store shortly as an employee was escorting Smith out at closing time. The two forced the employee to the ground and demanded money. An arrest affidavit stated that one of the men pointed a gun at the employee.

The employee then heard a knock at the store’s backdoor. The two men opened the door to allow a third man to enter. That man escorted Smith outside through the backdoor. When he returned, the three men broke several glass showcases and stole items from within, including iPads, iPods, cell phones, chargers and accessories before fleeing the scene.

A review of security footage from the store showed Smith texting someone shortly before the robbery, as well as her being escorted out of the store by a suspect. Police later discovered that Smith had pawned some of the stolen items at shops in Killeen and Duncanville. After a search warrant executed at Smith’s home in the 3000 block of Blackburn Drive on Feb. 6 led to the discovery of more evidence, Smith was arrested. She later told police that she’d agreed to participate in the robbery in exchange for some of the stolen merchandise. Her role, she said, was to text the men and let them know who was working in the store.

Smith was arraigned Friday and her bail set at $100,000. Police have not released the names of the three male suspects, but said in a statement issued Monday that the investigation is ongoing and arrests are pending.