Spc. Zachary Jozokos of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team wakes up every morning for physical training, but he's always had something in the back of his mind. His mother who lives in Boston.

Sandra Holloway, age 49, has been through a lot - she beat cancer two times and also survived heart failure. But an ongoing issue with her health has been her weight. Her son Zachary said at one point she weighed over 350 pounds. Despite health issues, Jozokos stated she's always been around for her children.

While her son was away at Ft. Hood, Holloway made a life-changing decision to get healthier. She lost more than 200 pounds and on Wednesday, she surprised her son during PT. The reunion was as heartwarming as you could imagine.

"Only my mother would do this I'll tell you that, but I'm happy to see her and I'm proud of her and in shock," Jozokos told KWTX.

So what's next for the newly fit mother? She plans to participate in a body building competition in April.

I really just want to get my message out there to be able to help people and understand that it can be done and it's not about look what I did, its look what I can do. I have amazing, amazing blessings in my life. I'm just so thankful for it.