Mowing lawns is hard work in this hot Texas weather, but it didn't matter to four brothers who decided they had to do it to keep a little old lady out of jail.The 75 year old lady lives in Riesel, just down the road, near Waco.  The city says Gerry Suttle was given notice to cut the high grass on some property she owns.  She never appeared in court to answer the notice so a warrant was issued for her arrest. That is what caused the Reynolds brothers to spring into action. KWTX caught them in the act.



Once Gerry Suttle's neighbors saw what the boys were doing, they pitched in too, on their riding lawnmowers!  It took about two hours to get the lot mowed. Gerry met the boys, thanked them and gave them hugs, sweaty boy smells and all.


Now if somebody would just get those boys some water park tickets, all will be right with the world.