The record-setting $1.6 billion Powerball fiasco finally came to an end last night when three different states each sold a winning ticket - California, Florida and Tennessee. They will split the massive jackpot three ways, which was originally a $40 million jackpot on November 7, 2015. So after taxes, each winner will take home an estimated $327.8 million. While no one has stepped up to claim their winning ticket yet, we know that of the 635,103,137 tickets purchased, a 7-Eleven in Chino Hills, CA., Naifeh's Food Mart in Munford, Tenn., and Publix grocery in Melbourne Beach, Fla. sold the winning tickets.

Overall the public has been hootin' and hollerin', appearing genuinely happy a few lucky people get to walk away with their lives changed forever. Though Texas didn't have a Powerball winner, four from the Lone Star State came close by matching five-of-six numbers with each ticket worth $1 million. One of those tickets was purchased at Horizon gas station in Decatur and another was sold at QuickTrip gas on Mockingbird Lane near Dallas Love Field. There were 2.2 million Texans who won something last night.

And if you didn't win anything, take solace in the fact that you didn't just simply throw your money in the toilet. The Texas Education School Fund earned an additional $70 million from Powerball sales. Texas Lottery Executive Director Gary Grief said that state has given more than $17 billion to the school system, in compliance with state law since 1997. More than 93 million Powerball tickets were sold in Texas dating back to November, 2015, with about 25 million of them since this past Sunday.



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